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No-Code Development

Using No-code technology, I build sites that are functional, impressive, and easy to moderate and I implement them in Webflow.

Website Design

I adapt to your values and thus create intuitive and effective websites that reflect the perception of your brand.

App design

I design mobile native and responsive web applications. A high priority for me is the conceptual phase, and thus the value your app brings to future users.

Branding and logo

Branding that supports your brand and creates a consistent image of it for your customers. I create more than pretty pictures, I focus on real business value.

Design workshops

If you don't quite know yet what could support your brand - We can start with a design workshop and let you work out what will bring you the most value.

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For each project, I individually select additional technologies that support your business and improve your website experience.

CMS and Editor

With the CMS, you can manage the content on the website yourself. In addition, Webflow provides an editor mode that will allow you to make small changes without my intervention and without worrying about breaking anything.

SEO control

For each website I carry out optimization in terms of SEO. I make sure that the site works in every aspect, including - search engine positioning.

Responsive development

I design and implement responsively - adjusting websites to the most important resolutions to make it accessible from every phone and laptop (and everything in between).

Micro animations

Micro animations and interactions that support the project visually and set it apart from the competition.

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How much does it all cost?

A free quote is determined individually based on a meeting and brief.
In addition, I also work in Time & Material methodology based on my hourly rate.

What does the design process look like?

I always tailor the design process individually to the project, because I firmly believe that every project is different and requires an individual approach.

But, I can delineate a few phases that occur in most of the projects I lead:

1. Interview and get to know your business (1-2 hours),
2. Concept, workshop, and problem identification (1-2 weeks),
3. Design in Figma (2-6 weeks),
4. Implementation in Webflow (3-4 weeks),
5. Webflow and Figma accelerated course for you (1-2 hours).

In addition, during each step, I will listen carefully to your feedback, and implement it into the project.

During the entire project phase you will get access to:
- My notes regarding your project,
- Access to Figma so that you are always up to date with the project and can show it to your stakeholders,
- Stage (draft version) of the implemented project on Webflow.

If you would like to learn more about my project process or just talk - email me. :)

How long will it take?

The time spent on the project is individual and depends on the complexity - nevertheless, below you will find average time frames.

Implementation of the site on Webflow based on the finished Design: 3-4 Weeks,

Designing the website: 2-6 weeks (depending on the number of pages and submission),

Logo design: 2-4 weeks.

What about after a website is implemented?

For the first 2 weeks, I will oversee your site after you release it to the world to ensure the best possible experience for your new users. In addition, during this time I will be firmly open to any questions you have about running and overseeing the site.

Additionally, at the end of the project, I will spend 1-2 hours explaining to you the basics of Webflow + additional time for each integration implemented.

If this proves to be insufficient - I also offer as a separate service continuous supervision of your site.

I already have a design, I just need to make it happen

Still at the right address. I will be happy to implement the design your Designer provided you and make it into a great working and looking website. My experience as a Product and Digital Designer allows me to be much more detail-oriented than a normal frontend developer.

Additionally, in such a situation, I will be happy to discuss possible improvements before the final implementation.

Why Webflow?

Webflow is currently the only No-Code solution that allows great performance with very high implementation control, with great precision to every detail.

In addition, Webflow offers many facilities to support your business, including CMS - i.e. content manager on the site, Editor mode - You can edit the content on the site yourself, high performance and SEO control, ability to implement eye-pleasing interactions, and much more.

You have to look at Webflow from a different angle than WordPress, Webflow in terms of quality only competes with a programmer or a team of programmers, which will be a lot more expensive and will require a lot more work than using just Webflow.

Can I host my website outside of Webflow?

Technically there is such a possibility, but I always suggested hosting the site on Webflow, which offers a different approach to the matter of the whole site and the way it works.

By hosting the site outside of Webflow you lose access to Webflow's built-in CMS, backups, version control, editor mode, security certificate, and many other options valuable to your business.